Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this is why i love my job

sometime in 2005, i wrote an editor's note that touched someone so vividly that she was moved to adopt a child, even if she was still single and about to be married. i remember reading her email that day, and shouting to marla to "come! read this!" only then did i fully realize the impact of what i was doing. i wasn't just editing a magazine. i was changing lives. i was influencing their decisions, and being a part of their life journey. a year later, when i joined another company, and was asked what i was most proud of as an editor, i singled this experience out. imagine--the power, the grace to have someone give a child such a chance, the encouragement mere words could give. this is what journalism is about: talking to people and making a difference. it doesn't have to be controversial or globe-shaking or libelous (as some journalists revel in). it just has to be sincere, meaningful, well-intended, pro-active. i'm going to follow up this woman's progress now; now that i've grown "wiser" and more well-grounded. i'd like to see how it all played out. the universe is funny. imagine, a mediocre mom like me, who's made so many mistakes in her life, inspiring one to give a child another, better chance at life, even at the expense of risking a job or a higher position. i am deeply humbled, and grateful. in this editorial, i said that being brave is about sticking to your convictions. the letter-sender was 25 at the time--i wish i were brave enough at that age to stick to mine. i know most of us do, too.

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thank you

Dear Ms. Gina:

Hi! I would just like to conggratulate you for such a touching and inspiring issue of Working Mom this month. I dont usually buy glossies thinking theyre just pictures and a waste of money. But your cover story on Claudine Barreto struck a chord. I too adopted a 6-year old girl, which a left a lot of people puzzled. I am 25 years old, single and having the time of my life in terms of my career and social life ( whatever I have left). I met her through my volunteer work with small orphanage in Manila. The first time I saw her she could hardly walk because she has Escobar's sydrome which means her joints and tendons are not growing at the rate theyre supposed to grow. Because of this she cannot stretch her limbs. After several months of volunteering there I had to quit because of work. A year later I came back with my boyfriend since we have been talking of how to spread the blessings we've received. I was amazed at my daughter's transformation. By that time she has already undergone her first operation and was already able to walk. Despite her disability though she was bubbly and intelligent and very independent. My boyfriend and I were so inspired that we decided to sponsor her and eventually adopt her once we get married. But this orphanage was closed down and our daughter was transferred to another orphanage. We followed her because we couldnt bear disapppointing her. This year was the turning point. I decided to bring her home with me because I couldnt stand the thought of her not having enough to eat or her being bullied by the other kids. I wasnt prepared. The original plan was to wait until such time my boyfriend and I get married before we adopt her. But I just could no longer face myself in the mirror. Everybody who knows me were shocked since Im know to be very career oriented. Its been difficult. Because ive never had any experience on parenting. I dont even know how to cook or to do the laundry decently.But am doing ok so far. and its also fun. shes given me an excuse to catch up on my childhood:). A few months ago I made the most difficult decision in my life I had to give up a job offer abroad that pays well and would make me one of the youngest in the agency holding a senior position. But pushing through with the job would also mean I would have to bring my daughter back to the orphanage because the adoption process has not been finalized yet. Its difficult. But as you said in your editorial, being brave is just about doing what youve got to do based on your convictions. Thank you again you dont know how this issue has made me more confident of my decision, since I know that the right decisions sometimes do sound illogical and impractical. But the right decisions is what makes you earn respect for yourself and from other people.

God Bless,


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