Tuesday, June 30, 2009


glenfiddich tonight. after all the beers have gone.
glenfiddich, i remember, when times were much simpler and i, young.
Er. he called me to his house that night. said he needed company.
but i left the other one in the bar that night. and he too, needed.
but of course
i chose
the white horse.
he made everything more.
joy. more.
sadness. more.
hate. more.
and i saw forevermore.
like i thought ma and pa were. So.
glenfiddich tonight. after the beers have gone.
single malt, baby. let's have some fun.
back to sounding trite.
back to feeling all right.
maybe. or not.
memory: him lugging a tire: "hon, this is how much i love you."
"piece by piece, i'll build a car for you."
"i see the future with you."
"here's a toast to you."
a Medoc? A burgundy? Maybe. i don't know.
it's this glenfiddich i sip now.
and i miss being young.

june 30. 1.30 a.m.

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