Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slices of life in carlsbad

a newborn who likes to spit up.
a two year old who likes to perform a robot dance and 'in the library', even when in costco.
a sister, now a mom, who cleans the spit up and sings for the two year old so he can dance his little dances.
a man, now a husband, father, and brother-in-law, who puts the two year old to sleep every night and is washing bottles again, for another year, for his new son.
a mom, now a grandmom, who makes sure everyone is fed, but who eats little herself, yet still has the energy to look after the new grandson, and sing to him, and rock him, while his parents sleep.
playdates, carseats, the occasional time out, the happiness that people like to talk about, but seldom work and wait for.
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posted feb 10, 2010

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