Tuesday, March 09, 2010

project Me, day 2

why day 2? because the words felt forced on day 1.

a trial dose of meso, my syringoma cauterized, and two shots of jack.

chatting with my daughter, who's growing more beautiful everyday, and i notice a heightened blush to her cheeks, her smile more luminous than usual, when we talk about E. soon, soon, she'll have her puppy love soon, i balk.

pesto with cheese and dried chili. four more shots of jack while watching four episodes of Modern Family. i started watching this show when i first decided to leave him last november. it got me through a couple of weeks then, it'll get me through another couple of weeks now.

this morning: his espresso machine packed and stacked onto the truck yesterday morning ("hakutin mo lahat! lahat! ura-urada, wag magtira!" were his instructions to those who came and took away his things), i send the maid to 7-11 for brewed coffee. cutting out transformers figures and setting them on cardboard standees with mateo; listening to marco's chatter, fascinated that a 6-year old knows the chinese zodiac and uses the term 'amanita muscaria' instead of the simplistic 'toadstool'.

watch one episode of Modern Family. hold myself back from watching more. must save them to last me two weeks. then maybe i can move on to Marriage Ref.

stay tuned.

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