Saturday, March 13, 2010

project Me, day 6

had the Girlfriend Magazine team over for dinner and waaaayyyyy too many drinks last night. hahaha.

Nikki brought pizza and cake. i prepared tinapa pesto with wholewheat pasta, olives marinated in balsamic vinegar, chocolate-cinnamon pudding. i like feeding my friends :)

after the weird barcino-tabu fiasco with Mr Maharlika and Rockstar Photographer tuesday night--Maharlika went off for a booty call and Rockstar wandered away in a drunken haze while muttering something about brazilian models--i decided that i would say yes to every invite extended to me by friends to socialize, talk, eat, party.

wednesday, it was James, my yoga teacher, and Anna G. we got buzzed on hot chocolate, drank it like the Aztecs must've, all spicy and thick and heady, and talked like the Aztecs must've too--about the heavens aligning with our plans, the rhythm and wrath of nature, the whole lot, except human sacrifice.

thursday, it was Mimi, a friend from my childhood, long re-singled, but still as beautiful, brilliant, and feisty as ever. we're cooking something up for re-singled women. very exciting :)

and last night, it was my girls from my old magazine. the craziest, funniest, most creative team an editor could ever have. we missed Jeng, though, our artist, and Diona's soul sister, who's now based in the U.S.

they are so creative and funny, i myself am stumped to describe what fun we had last night. or maybe it's just this hangover. hahahaha. whatever.

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